Alu Glass

Alu-Glass; 60 x 26 mm

Alu-Glass led profile

Good for glass barriers thickness of 17,5mm [2x8mm+safe foil between].

This design inspiration came from the difficulties to find on the market solid made and modern design of the top finish of the glass barriers for our customers. The design is simple and esthetic and ideally close the glass barrier finish from the top. Aluminum base hold the massive weight of the glass and the top profile match the base and close the top the elegant way. We use two colors matt black and the matt silver as our standard colors for this application. The matt finish do not allow the finger prints be left on the hand rail. The profile is coming with the silicone, light transmitting gasket which duty is to fasten the glass with the profile very firmly. Additionally the LED chamber stop the glass at certain high and allow LEDs illuminate the glass edge from inside. The angle connections need to be measure first then cut and place face to face. Solid made design will resist long time use even under the heavy traffic in public places.