PL55; 55 x 41 mm

PL55 led profile

PL55 is high performance LED DOT’S FREE profile with opal or prismatic diffuser type to choose from, with three installation options: TRIMLESS, surface and pendant. One model with three installation options opens the variety of the product applications. The profile is equipped with 50mm wide diffuser, which is available in standard opal color or new prismatic pattern with honeycomb light effect. The prismatic diffuser reduces the light loss to very minimum, increases the efficiency of the whole lamp and is glare free. Additionally this model is equipped with new linear and corner connectors, new mounting base and magnetic pads. The profile is designed for our double row rigid LED stripes 30-Duris where the source of light is LED OSRAM Duris E5. The shape and weight of the profile is optimized to absorb the heat from the LEDs in power up to 36W/m and maintain the t emperature stable on le vel of 55°C@Ta=25°C.

The internal shape is optimized to increase the light distribution and fixture efficiency. As the result of all above we have clean contemporary design LED lamp for professional high performance LEDs. The profile is recommended as the main LED lighting for TRIMLESS installation at gypsum ceilings 12,5mm