Smooth PLW116

SPLW116, 116 x 41mm

SPLW116 led profile

Contemporary, slim looking LED profile with a high heat dissipation capability. An extraordinary quality of the profile's surface and of the other components became undeniable benefits of this lighting fixture. The light distribution of this model was optimised to achieve the highest efficiency. The heat dissipation of this lamp is 54W/m which is the second highest result for all our models. The profile has multiple use functions, can be surface mounted, but also can be recessed in a gypsum ceiling as a trim less luminary or suspended with the help of additional components. The lamp is using our standard linear and horizontal ninety degree connectors which mechanically join and keep in place two lamps together. The vertical ninety degree connector allows recessing this lamp into the wall and continuously go up to the ceiling. Those extra components open up unlimited possibilities of applications giving the architects an open space for creation.

Large, UV-stabilized PC diffuser (116mm width) is LED's DOTs FREE. Low aluminium base makes this LED fixture looking slim and smooth. Contemporary design will allow you to use this profile in any project from very modern to a classic one. We recommend to use dedicated rigid 78-DURIS-WW led stripes to obtain the best performance of the LED lamp.