DPL55, 55 x 72mm

DPL55 led profile

DPL55 is a new double side LED profile. This multifunctional LED profile may be both suspended or installed on the surface. Depending on your needs, it may contain two light sources (when suspended) or one high power LED with a driver hidden in the other chamber. The heat dissipation capability of this luminaire is up to 50 W/m. The internal parabola assures a perfect light distribution without any light loss. Thanks to an innovatory fastening thread, the driver does not adjoin the LED shelf and so it does not overheat. This LEDs dots free design is available with a frosted and two prismatic diffusers: clear and opal. Thanks to available accessorises, like linear and angle connectors, multifunctional mounting brackets and a security cable, you can mount it easily and safely with one click.