AL-45W; 18,9 x 41,7 mm

PL65 led profile

The ALU45 WIDE profile is a high quality corner mount product. Optimised interior design allows for even illumination of the lens over the entire width. To achieve this effect it is necessary to use 2 rows of LED stripes with a maximum width of 8mm each. The specially designed shape allows for a wide angle of illumination of the luminaire which allows it to be used in high and deep recesses to illuminate as large a surface as possible.

A large mass of profile (0.38kg/m) and a large heat transfer surface (built-in heat sink) allow the LEDs to run at a total power of 25W/m. The luminaire profile and fittings are anodised. The milky shade limits the glare and it looks evenly lit up. Simple assembly allows quick installation.