AL-RO38; ø38 mm

PL65 led profile

It is a high quality, rigid and a very solid round profile made of anodized aluminum designed to be used with LED light sources. Thanks to a suitably designed shape, the profile can be safely used for high power LED strips (36W/m). The shape guarantees high stiffness and the weight (1.1 kg/m) ensures perfect heat dissipation & cooling. It additionally allows the use of the profile also for construction purposes (illuminated frames, hangers in wardrobes, etc.). In addition, ALU-ROUND38 looks modern and professional. Depending on the place of application, we offer our clients three types of UV-resistant and damage to the lenses: matte, transparent and 50% matte. The profile can be used as hanging lighting, artistic lighting, shop lighting and illuminated construction elements or simply as internal lighting.