DPL35 FL; 35 x 58,5 mm

PL65 led profile

DPL35 FL is a two-sided profile designed for mounting LED light sources, in which the light is directed both upwards and downwards. It is a DOT FREE profile with two installation options: surface or suspended. Depending on the method we can choose between single-sided or double-sided light output. In addition, the profile can be ordered with reflectors made of highly polished aluminium with a high reflectivity (> 95%) improving the light output by 10-18% (depending on the light source used). The internal shape of the profile is optimised for one purpose, and its to increase the cooling capacity of the LED luminaire and proper light distribution. DPL35 FL is equipped with linear connectors and aluminium end caps. Another great feature of the profile is that it can also accommodate a power supply. All this makes the DPL35 FL a small but rather great profile with big potential. Power transferability is high enough to consider this lamp as the main source of LED lighting.