DPL70FL, 70 x 90 mm

DPL70 FL led profile

DPL70 FL is a new profile (70 x 90 mm) in which the light is directed both upwards and downwards. We can proudly say that DPL70 FL is the first profile in our wide offer, that has 3 separate chambers. Giving you more space to design your lighting, than ever before. Thanks to efficient heat dissipation surface, it can be safely used for high power LED strips (up to 100W/m). The profile can be equipped with reflectors made of highly polished aluminum with a light reflectance (> 95%). This solution improves the luminaire’s efficiency by 10-20%. This multi-functional LED profile is available in both suspended and surface versions. Thanks to the available accessories, such as aluminum anodised end caps, linear and angle connectors, suspension cables, multifunctional spring mounting brackets and safety cables a safe and easy installation is ensured.