Alu Ceiling

ALU-CEILING 45 x 37 mm

Alu-Ceiling led profile

Quality anodided aluminium LED profile designed to be recessed into a cluster or gypsum ceiling. The profile with a LED strip between a ceiling and a wall will emit a light directed straight down from the top of the wall/ceiling to the floor, washing up the wall with light. Another possible use of this profile is an installation between a wall and a gypsum wall, direction light to the floor, ALU-CEILING is available with a high quality frosted ("LEDs DOTS FREE") or a transparent snap-in diffuser and finish end caps. The snap-in diffuser is made from UV resistant material. The profile can accommodate standard or mid power led stripes up to 18mm width. The aluminium profile is performing as a heat sink to the LEDs and as a nice stylish housing where all components are perfectly matched. All the installation options are clearly explained in the PDF catalogue.