RPLW80; ;92 x 40 mm

RPLW80 led profile

It is a recessed version of a popular profile PLW80. This LEDs DOTS FREE design is dedicated to be recessed into gypsum ceilings and walls mostly but other applications are also possible. This heavy duty profile provides a great appearance up on the standard or high ceilings where other small profiles just disappear. The width of the 77mm diffuser distribute the light even on the whole surface and looks greet from the distance. The profile is prepared to accommodate one or two high power led stripes with total width up to 42mm. The heavy heat sink capability will provide excellent cooling for the LEDs up to 35W/m. The RPLW80 profile is UV and impact resistant, snap-on and it’s available with a clear, prism clear and frosted finish. The available accessories for this model include aluminum linear connector, aluminum end caps and mounting brackets.