Nano Line

Nano Line, 6 x 14mm

Nano Line led profile

Nano Line (6x14mm) is the smallest linear profile in our current offer. As the diffuser we use UV resistant silicone material to achieve diffused, soft, homogenous, LEDs DOT's FREE 6mm line of light. The profile is dedicated for indirect light with 8mm width LED stripes. The heat dissipation of that profile can handle load of the LEDs up to 10W/m. Considering small capability of heat dissipation main application for the profile is accent led lighting with small power LEDs load. The profile can be recess into the floor (is walk over safe), walls, ceiling, kitchen furniture, tables. With the complete IP67 rated encapsulation the lamp will meet the wet environment requirements and the number of applications expands of showers, bathrooms, swimming pools, walking pads, sun terrace etc.