RPLW80FL; 92 x 55,6 mm

PL65 led profile

This is an improved version of the popular RPLW80 profile for recessed installation in plasterboard ceilings. While maintaining the luminous surface, the light distribution was corrected and the luminosity of the lampshade was adjusted using reflectors made of high-polished aluminium. This solution, improves the luminaire efficiency by 10-18% (depending on the LEDs type). The surface of the LED strips allows you to easily attach 2 PCBs with a width of 20mm in the Zhaga standard (the mark lines are engraved in the profile). Profile allows for perfect cooling of 36W/m LED strips without overheating of the profile. Profile can be easily done using springs without the use of additional tools in ceilings with a thickness of 12-25mm. Channels at the top of the profile allows the installation of the power supply, security cables and ground cable. The RPLW80 FL profile is available with UV and impact-resistant latch closures: transparent, prismatic transparent and transparent matte.