PL55 FL; 55 x 41 mm

PL65 led profile

PL55 FL is a new version of the POWER LINE 55 profile. This multifunctional LED profile can be both suspended, installed on a flat surface and also built in a trimless manner. With this profile you can easily mount LED light sources with a power of up to 36 W/m without worrying about the overheating of the luminaire. The profile has been designed in such a way that it can be equipped with reflectors made of highly polished aluminium with a high reflectivity (> 95%). In addition, the reflectors can be set in two positions to get a narrow or a wide light distribution depending on your needs. The profile has been designed so that there are no visible points of light. PL55 FL is available with matt or two prismatic diffusers: transparent and opal. Thanks to the available accessories, such as the line and angle connectors along with the safety cables the installation process is safe and easy.