Alu Stair 2

Alu-Stair2; 100 x 46 mm

Alu Stair 2 led profile

The strong attribute of this stair profiles are the light directed down on the stair and the soft light edge illuminated horizontal diffuser. Indirect light deliver sooth, soft light directly on the stair where is needed. The diffuser placed and LED illuminated horizontally determinate the end step edge of the stair by looking from the top. This is important at the light reduced or darker places as cinemas or feathers. The vertical PC diffuser can be replace by the anti slip rubber (option). Color and LED luminous intensity are up to customer preferences. The horizontal and vertical PC diffuser is coming with frosted, satin finish only. ALU-STAIR2 profile is coming with design matching aluminum end caps. The profile is available in 2m and 1m units in silver, quality ware resistance anodizing surface.