PLS33 FL; 33 x 72mm

PL65 led profile

PLS33 FL is a high quality aluminium profile for mounting LED light sources. The anodised surface and the matching lens emphasise the quality of the product. The whole product is complemented by a tool-free aluminium ending. In addition, the profile is equipped with reflectors, which can be mounted in 2 positions: for PCB width up to 12mm or 17mm. Dedicated high-gloss polished aluminium bands improve the efficiency of the luminaire by approximately 10-18% (depending on the light source used).

The profile is designed for suspended, wall or ceiling mounting. The weight, shape and dimensions ensure excellent heat transfer. The profile is capable of maintaining a temperature of 45-50 ° C using led strips 36W/m. The profile is nicely presented thanks to simple and functional shape. Diffusers are made of high quality UV resistant materials, which can be matt or transparent. The upper chamber is designed for power supply and necessary cables. In the case of wall and suspended mounting, it is also possible to create long patterns of light using linear and angular connectors.