Drive Way

Drive Way, 32 x 95mm

Drive Way

UVA/UVB resistant lighting fixture with 5 years warranty for homogeneity and equity of the colour of the resin

IP68, completely waterproof solution for outdoor use, great for all wet environment applications such as drive ways, walking pads, swimming pols, saunas, ponds, shower floors/walls, elevations of the buildings, ships, bridges and so on. Proven in laboratory test results resistant to all cleaning solvents, including chlorine and salt water. IK10, meets the anti-theft requirements and damage resistant to the high IK10 standard. Entire lamp with the ground base has passed the pressing resistant of 30Kn test, so can be freely installed into the drive ways.

LED’s are 100% safe, we have right equipment and right resin technology in place

We create the “soft pilow” over the LED’s with the soft transparent resin, so the contractions, stress and other harm forces which can be transmitted thru the frame can not damage the housing of the single led. This is why our solution is 100% safe and secure for the LED’s. Our resin does not get into the chemical reaction with phosphor which is part of the leds. The top part of the filling remains hard and resistant for all cleaning chemicals and salt water. The colour and light transmission ability depends on few aspects which can be modified by us according to customer demand and product limitations. International certificate CB and ENEC are pending.

Available Lengths

The product is length customised, that means we are prepared to produce and deliver the IP68 products up to 5000mm long units. OSRAM LED source as the guarantor of the quality, for that highly specialised product we have chosen Osram. We install and supply products with Osram LED stripe inside. Customised options on the LEDs type and brand are available for future customers demand.

All connections are IP68

All connections are IP68 secure with dedicated sockets with IP68 rate. Cable is VDE certified and can be used in the ground. We offer extensions, t-connectors and spare sockets to finish your installation.

Product's specification

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