RPL45 US, 48 x 116,5 mm

RPL55 US led profile

We proudly present our newest and most innovative product from Plaster Board Line – RPL45 US. This solution includes a base which can be used with a suitable profile of your choice, giving you the variety of options and freedom of design. Chasing the market’s needs, the anodized black base finish creates depth allowing your elegant line of light to shine. The chosen profile can be easily attached to the base by using M4 standard screws. Our recommendation for this solution would be FLORENTINA 12x1 (UGR < 16) optical lens produced by LEDiL which fits perfectly to the black base concept. FLORENTINA is a hybrid design of a black reflector and a lens for high visual comfort in various shapes. The profile comes with high-quality anodized black end caps. Installation process is as easy as for other Plaster Board profiles thanks to perforated sides of the extrusion. All above features provide you complex solution that can be modified ( attached profile ) up to your needs, whenever required.