Alu Cove-3; 97 mm x 97 mm

SL15-FL led profile

Third, the most innovative of COVE family profiles comes as a great addition to our portfolio. The concept relies on plasterboard base which guarantees trim less installation at the minimum number of accessories involve. It use openings in perforated wings for fixing the luminaries to the drywall and cover up with the gypsum putty, just as other profiles from this line. The base can also accommodate standard LED driver, making fitting process even more convenient. What makes it a real stand out is two-way indirect soft lighting provided by two SL15 FL profiles in connection with different lenses, finishes we can influent and create the lighting glare coming out from COVE3. The two SL15FL profiles are working as source of lights, inserts equipped with the dedicated end caps with holding ears to hold the profile in the notch, designed to match M4 threads located on the base. The lighting source stays invisible, indirect light gives the glare which is coming out from both sides and washing down both the wall and ceiling at the same time. High Quality anodized surface (extrusion marks free product) adds exclusive finishing touch to COVE3, creating elegant corner luminaire for modern spaces.