Alu Ceiling US

Alu Ceiling US, 37,5 x 40,8 mm

RPL55 US led profile

Top quality ceiling profile is a new addition to our Plaster Board line. It is an improved version of Alu-Ceiling, designed to highest market standards. A significant upgrade is its invisibility achieved through easy plasterboard installation system. Once profile is fixed in place and gypsum is applied, there are no visible edges left, creating elegant and smooth line of light. Moreover, it can be equipped with reflectors, made of highly polished aluminum. Such solution provides ability to enhance light output up to 18%, less power = more light. Another addition is shape and variety of diffusers. New, flat diffuser comes in clear and opal versions, however final visual effect can be moderated by slide-in, micro-prismatic film. 15-degree optic lens is also available, complementing choice of diffusers. In contrast to previous version, Alu-Ceiling US can be equipped with endcaps, which give a final touch to complete luminaire.