Plaster board LED profiles

Our newest design of the following profiles, together with high quality accessories (linear connectors, end caps etc.) allows to create a LED’s DOT-free, smooth line of light, indoor architectural lighting finish. Plaster Board group was established to meet the needs of customers looking for both ceiling and wall solutions. Our innovative installation scheme makes the profile itself – invisible, providing an elegant and spotless line of light. Trying to simplify the mounting process, we proudly introduce premade angle - modules designed specifically for the Plaster Board line. Available in both horizontal and vertical configurations, they allow to overcome any issues regarding 45° angle connections. Moreover, coming across market’s needs all profiles from Plaster Board group are suitable for junction box installation. It was achieved by placing mounting rail on top of the profile. Giving the opportunity to enhance the lighting output of our new products, they are all compatible with highly polished aluminum reflectors. Furthermore, our design corresponds with Zhaga standard allowing to use top brand’s LED strips. All of our profiles are made from fast heat - transferring aluminum and pass certain loading tests. The thermal and optical test results as well as the installation guide are presented in our product data sheet. You can find more details in the product data sheet of each profile.

RPL35 US led profile

Narrow, high-quality raw aluminum, profile for plasterboard ceilings and walls. Innovative design provides unique features such as: Premade angle modules, mounting rail for the junction box...

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RPL45 US led profile

We proudly present our newest and most innovative product from Plaster Board Line – RPL45 US. This solution includes a base which can be used with a suitable profile of your choice.

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RPL55 US led profile

The second solution from our new Plaster Board Line. Made of high-quality raw aluminum with diffuser span of 55mm, gives you opportunity to create functional and modern LED lamp for professional use.

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RPL70 US led profile

So far the biggest profile from Plaster Board Line (70mm width of diffuser). The raw aluminum surface and the matching shade emphasize the quality of the product. Innovative design provides unique features...

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