Privacy policy and the use of cookies


Protection of personal data on 25 April 2016. The EU applies: Regulation of the European Parliament and Council 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 regarding persons responsible for the processing of personal data with regard in reference to 95/46 / EC (RODO).

Data collection.

Ledson Sp. Zoo. Sp. K. From the headquarters in Blizne Laszczynskiego, str. Przemyslowa 3, is an administrator of (regular) data such as: company name, full name of the contact person, e-mail address, telephone number, full address, website. Data collection takes place via the information form on the website Other contact details (regular) collected through other marketing channels are stored in the system and used for marketing purposes with the client. LEDsON Sp. Zoo. Sp. K. is the sole data administrator. Collection and processing of data on customer contact and reaching the customer via e-mail. The collected data is secure (encrypted connection) it is not shared with other entities, companies or private individuals.

The mechanism of cookies.

The website uses cookie files to ensure the identification of the country of origin of the consumer and to open the portal site in the appropriate language. Cookies are not collected and processed by LEDsON Sp. zoo. Sp.K.

Processing and administration of personal resources.

The data collected as part of includes e-mail address, website, company name, name of the person who completed the form and the address of the company's headquarters. Additional data such as NIP/VAT number and Regon of the company are collected in the computer system. The purpose of data collection is cooperation with the client, contact and marketing activities such as: sending “news letters" and e-mails. The customer registers voluntarily on the website and by doing so the customer agrees to data collection and processing by LEDsON Sp. Zoo. Sp. K. The customer has the right to inspect and delete their data at any point. In order to delete, enter or inspect the data, the customer should send an e-mail to: with a question or a demand to do so. LEDsON within 72 hours will delete or modify the data as requested by the customer.

Data collected as part of website or through individual marketing campaigns will not be made available to third parties. Only the employees of LEDsON Sp. zoo. Sp. K. and people managing the website have the access to that data.


Data collected through the website is implemented through an encrypted and secure connection. Data-retaining servers ensure security through the computer security systems provided with the hosting service.