Purchase Terms and Conditions

Order format:

We accept orders placed only in written sent on our general e-mail address, info@ledson.eu. Any other additional condition referring to the order also need to be made in written otherwise are not valid.

Delivery time:

All received orders are handled in the order as they came, the date of the delivery (dispatch) of your order is confirmed on the issued P/I and depends of the available stock and status of the other orders that came earlier. The orders with the payment terms call “advance payment” are proceed after we receive the payment on our account or when we receive the formal bank transfer confirmation of the money transfer on e-mail.

Payment condition:

As the standard we offer the advance payment condition terms to simplify the sale transaction. The credit cost of additional 3% is not calculated in.

Bank transfer charges:

We expect to receive full amount of the payment as it is specified on the issued P/I.
We do not agree to cover any bank charges related with the money transfer. This may result the delay of the shipment and require additional payment of the missing part of the payment.

Late payments:

The customers with credit payment condition who are paying late will be obligated to pay the late fee for the overdue invoices. The fee rate is 14% per year.

Shipment damage:

Each customer who is using our forwarder is obligated to made the damage claim in written signed by the delivering courier together with the photos and damage specification, no later then 14 days after the delivery. Once receive the notice we will place the official claim to our forwarder and will send the goods for the replacement.

Late notice or not complete documentation in written can not be accepted and successfully proceed. Company Ledson is not responsible for third party shipment damage. We take the full responsibility only for the shipments on line LEDsON – Customer when we use our forwarder. Damaged items should to be returned to the sender by the customer on the customer cost. The replacement of the damage items will take place when the damage items are returned to the sender. When the forwarder accepts the damage claim the shipping cost of the damage items will be compensated.


We use official export price list, which is the same for all customers. The price list prices are depends of the LME+Premium sale price on the metal market exchange in London. We keep the rights to change price list prices in case of increase/decrease the LME+Premium on the market without further notice. The sale price is regulated by discounts where volume of the discount is strictly related with the order quantity. The discounts levels and other (integral) condition are clearly indicated on the separate document that is call “discount levels”. The discount levels are not negotiable and the only possible way to reduce the price is by increasing the order quantity to satisfying both parties level. The prices are calculated on EXW Warsaw terms.

Incomplete shipment:

Customers, who notice the missing items in the shipment, should contact us no later then 14 days after delivery and place the quantity claim in written. In the multiple package shipment is possible that some items are still on the road when some were already delivered. In that case we advice to check the number of parcels and the tracking numbers. If the items are definitely not been delivered we will check this information with our internal shipping documents and will accept or deny the quantity claim. If the claim is accepted we ship the missing items as soon as possible on our own cost.

Catalogue pictures, product design rights are reserved:

We publish our catalogue in paper and electronic version. Company LEDsON is the formal owner of all designs and international patents of the LED profiles and we claim all rights to the product design, pictures and other source materials. Companies, who want to use the material, should have our written acceptance. The given material is reserved to the companies who asked for it in written and received our written acceptance. The marketing source material cannot be resend to the third party without our notice. The products designs are fully protected by the international law and any unauthorized use is prohibited will be prosecuted in the court of law.
The source materials are LEDsON property and can be use only to promote LEDsON products within the time of our cooperation. If the cooperation is terminated the source pictures and other marketing material owned and related with LEDsON products must be remove permanently within 30 days from customer offer.


Company LEDsON sales the LED profiles and other led components in the international network of B2B customers only. The customers who are formally located in the country where we obtained the local (exclusive/non exclusive) distributor should contact the local distributor first with any questions concerning our products. The distributors list is available at the “contact details “ web page or on the last page of our formal catalogues. All requests received from the customers from markets where we have (exclusive/non exclusive) distributor will be resend to the local distributor for further proceeding.


Company LEDsON do not accept any returns unless the product has hidden production defect. The claim should be placed in written no later then 24 months of the purchase date.

Products exchange:

If the customers who made mistake and would like to exchange the goods for other should notice us in written no later then 14 days after the delivery date. The products what wish to exchange cannot be used and cannot show any visible damage. The transportation cost of the return of wrong items and new shipment of new items plus the purchase balance value (if appear) between returning items and new items need to be covered by the customer in full. All conditions referee to the return need to be made in written otherwise are not valid.


According of our knowledge all our products are free of any visible or hidden production defects. The guarantee for the aluminum led profiles is 24 months (standard EU guarantee) counting from the date of the invoice. The guarantee is applying to the anodizing surface, dimensions, accessories, led stripes and other electronic components that are currently in our offer. Products must be used in accordance of the product application under the operating condition requirements. Each claim of defect will be handled individually and decision will be made after the return of the claimed items within 30-days.


There is no MOQ, however the sale price is regulated by the discount where the volume of the discount is strictly related with the order quantity.

Length, color, anodizing surface customizing:

A customer has possibility to order led profiles in customized length, color [RAL] or the different anodizing surface. However the MOQ for that is 500kg of aluminum that divided by the weight of the interesting profile will give certain quantity in meters. Customer has to consider that customize product has to be paid in advance, taken in full quantity at once when the goods are ready. Price and time frame need to be determinate individually with the LEDsON.

The following terms and conditions are applying to the foreign customers only.