Trimless LED profiles

The group of aluminium LED profiles presented bellow has been segregated by the type of installation. All models presented here are suitable for a recessed (trimless) installation. The body shape of the following profiles in connection with an extra equipment allow us to make the very fine finish of our lamp with the gypsum ceiling. All metal parts in that type of the installation are not visible. The dirty construction work of the ceiling and installation of the base will take place first and will be permanently integrated with the ceiling. Installation of the lighting profile will take place as the last part of the installation and is very simplify. The shape and weight of the aluminum LED profile play a key role in the heat dissipation of the LEDs. All our models are made from fast heat transferring aluminum and pass certain loading tests. The thermal and optical test results as well as the installation guide are presented in our product data sheet for each model. Using our LED profiles is safe for the LEDs because they are thermally and optically optimised. You can find more details in the product data sheet of each product.

PL55 FL trimless led profile

PL55 FL is a new version of the POWER LINE 55 profile. This multifunctional LED profile can be both suspended, installed on a flat surface and also built in a trimless manner.

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SPL35-fl trimless led profile

SPL35FL is a new and improved version of the popular and proven profile SPL35. The SPL35FL profile, despite its classic appearance, has gained new functionality..

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SPL35 trimless led profile

SPL 35 is mid-power LED DOT’S FREE performance profile with three installation options: TRIMLESS, surface and pendant.

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SPL35 led profile
SPL-louver 60’ degree

SPL profile now has been updated of the aluminium louver which concentrate the light and bring the light forward with beam angle of 60 degree.

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Alu Swiss 20 trimless led profile
Alu Swiss 20

Small in dimensions but substantial in weight heat sink with great heat dissipation for mid power LEDs which is able to handle up to 22W/m of the LED power and maintain the temperature stable on the level of 47'C.

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Smooth PLW116 led profile
Smooth PLW116

Contemporary, slim looking LED profile with a high heat dissipation capability. An extraordinary quality of the profile's surface and of the other components became undeniable benefits of this lighting fixture.

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PL55 trimless led profile

PL55 is a high performance LED DOT’S FREE profile with opal or prismatic diffuser to choose from, with three installation options: TRIMLESS, surface and pendant.

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