SPL35; 35 x 35 mm

SPL35 led profile

SPL 35 is mid-power LED DOT’S FREE performance profile with three installation options: TRIMLESS, surface and pendant. The profile capability of the heat dissipation is 30W/m@Ta= 25°C to maintain the temperature stable on level of 55°C. The variety of installation options makes this model universal, contemporary and fitting in the most of the applications. The profile has three options of the lighting diffusers to choose from: prismatic with high light transition ratio, opal and transparent. Profile is equipped with linear and corner connectors, suspending cables, magnetic pads and aluminum end caps. SPL 35 profile is recommended to use with double row led stripes or high performance LEDs with power up to 30W/m. The profile can be considered as the main led lighting for TRIMLESS, surface or pendant installation.