SPL35FL; 35 x 35mm

PL65 led profile

SPL35FL is a new and improved version of the popular and proven profile SPL35. The SPL35FL profile, despite its classic appearance, has gained new functionality. Reflectors increase the light output from the luminaire by approximately 10-18% depending on the LEDs used and the selected luminaire. The profile has three options for light diffusers to choose from: prismatic with high light transmission ratio, opal and transparent. There is also a new option for mounting high power LEDs with lenses and black raster. The SPL35 FL, like its predecessor, has three installation options: TRIMLESS, Surface and Suspended. The heat transfer ability of the SPL35 FL profile is 36W/m @ Ta = 25 ° C to maintain a stable temperature of 55 ° C. The profile can be fitted with dedicated accessories: linear and corner connectors, cable ties, TRIMLESS mounting magnets and aluminium end caps. SPL 35 is recommended for use with double row LEDs or high performance LEDs up to 36 W/m.