RPL55; 70 x 75 mm

PL65 led profile

RPL55 is a high-quality product made of two aluminum profiles designed for mounting LED light sources. The RPL55 is designed to be installed in gypsum-plaster ceilings with special springs that facilitate quick and reliable operation, and above all, without the need to use any fitting tools. The base profile has space for inserting springs, linear and angular connectors. Assembly of the profile is divided into two stages, the first is the assembly of the base profile, carrier, at this stage we do all the “dirty” work that does not come in contact with the LED. In the second stage, we install LED strips or plates on the heatsink module, which then clicks-in to the base profile.

The interior of the heat sink is profiled in a special way that makes it easier for the light to reflect and therefore reduces the loss to a minimum. The radiator also acts as a reflector because it is equipped with dedicated mirrors made from polished high density aluminium (Vega 95) as standard to impove the reflection coefficiency and thus increase the luminous efficiency of the luminaire by about 10-18% (depending on the applied light sources). The base profile has a frame with a width of just 7mm which makes the frame very aesthetically pleasing.

The customer has a choice of a opal or a honeycomb lens. Both versions limit glare to a minimum. The profile was designed for our double rigid 30-Duris LED strips, where the LED OSRAM Duris E5 light source is located. The shape and weight of the profile is optimized to absorb heat from LEDs up to 36W / m and maintain stability at 48 ° C @ Ta = 25 ° C.

The internal shape is optimized to improve light distribution and fastening performance. As a result of all the above factors, we get a functional and modern LED lamp design for professional use.


RPL55 Accessories RPL55 Accessories RPL55 Accessories RPL55 Accessories RPL55 Accessories Accessories Accessories Accessories

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RPL55 Candela polar light distribution diagram RPL55 Light distribution rays inside LED profile
RPL55 Thermal analyses